Concelaed Carry Training


Class Designed by the Nebraska State Patrol


The course covers topics including, Basic Firearm Safety, Handgun and ammunition nomenclature, and the use of factory new vs reloaded ammunition.

We will discuss concealed carry techniques and common holsters. 

The Instructor will cover the Federal and State Laws and Statutes on the use, sale, and transportation of firearms, the use of force, and 1st to 3rd degree assault.

You will learn the places that are OFF LIMITS when carrying, and what to do when you come into contact with law enforcement and emergency service.

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Application and Testing

We will discuss all the required documentation needed to apply for your concealed handgun permit. (CHP)

There will be a short test over the covered materials provided by the Nebraska State Patrol. Students must score a minimum of 70% Following the written test, we will travel to the range for live fire practical shooting drills followed by shooting a 30 round qualification course.

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Upon successful completion of both written and range qualifications for concealed carry, the student will receive a handgun training and safety completion certificate required to apply for your permit to carry a concealed handgun in Nebraska and (currently 31) additional states. 

Students will need to bring: 

* Valid Nebraska Drivers License/ Nebraska ID. / Military ID.

*  Any caliber handgun.  (The handgun you use to qualify with does not have to be the handgun you carry)  

*  A holster that completley covers the trigger. 

*  100 rounds of ammunition. 

*  eye and ear protection.  

We also recommend you bring note taking materials.  (Pen and Paper)

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